We are making available selected recordings of our webinar trainings, including some of our introductory (101-level) trainings as well as our Fresh Ideas series.

Engaging the Persuadables "ON DEMAND" Webinar Series:

Now available when you need and want!

Introduction to Engagement Organizing: Thanks to the Sustainability Network for recording this introductory webinar on engagement organization, recorded in September 2015.  This session details the 5-step process the Freshwater Alliance promotes to build towards engagement success.  

An Introduction to Theory of Change: In this 2nd webinar in our "Engaging the Persuadables" series, National Project Director of the Freshwater Alliance Lindsay Telfer, walks through a quick snapshot of what it means to have a "clear theory of change" and how it is essential to start down the pathway towards successful engagement initiatives.

An Introduction to Engagement Planning: In this 3rd webinar in our "Engaging the Persuadables" series, Lindsay Telfer, guides viewers through the importance of planning for your engagement successes.  Introducing elements around audience identification, engagement pyramids and leadership development, this 3rd webinar provides the cornerstone tools to build strong, sustaining and resilient engagement programs.  

An Introduction to Storytelling: In this 4th webinar in the Engaging the Persuadables introduction to freshwater engagement, Freshwater Alliance Project Director Lindsay Telfer reviews the importance of storytelling in engagement initiatives.  Offering tools along the way, this session is a must watch if you are thinking of ways to improve your communications to drive supporters to take action!

An Introduction to Data-driven Organizing: In this final webinar in our 5-part series on engagement success, Freshwater Alliance director Lindsay Telfer reviews fundamentals in getting data-ready. This session offers a quick overview of how you can get started in establishing your engagement baselines, setting your engagement goals and measuring your engagement success. Finally, a quick recap of the series with a note on the need for prioritization brings this 5-part webinar series to a close. We do hope you've enjoyed it.



Launched in April 2015, this webinar series highlights freshwater success stories and innovative ideas. Here are a few selections for your enjoyment:

"Fresh Ideas: Building Climate Resilience at the Water's Edge" (April 6, 2016). Rebecca Wodder, leading and longtime U.S. environmental leader, shares her vision--laid out in this blog post--for communities to adapt to climate threats by tapping and building natural and social capital via freshwater sustainability efforts.

"Fresh Ideas: Federal Call to Action on Fresh Water" (August 20, 2015). Tony Maas, project lead for the Our Living Waters initiative, and Merrell-Ann Phare, Our Living Waters steering committee member, present the launch of a call to action to put water on the agenda of the next government of Canada

“Fresh Ideas: Commons Connections” (May 21, 2015). Paul Baines of Great Lakes Commons shares what a "commons" approach to water has to offer in conversation moderated by Raj Gill. 

“Fresh Ideas: How New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Got Off the Frack Track” (April 23, 2015) The debut of our Fresh Ideas series features a discussion with Stephanie Merrill of Conservation Council of New Brunswick and Jennifer West of Ecology Action Centre moderated by David Minkow.


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