Act Now: No Waters Left Behind

In 2012, changes to federal laws protecting navigable waters stripped oversight for developments on 99% of lakes and rivers. In February 2018, Bill C-69 proposed changes to the Navigation Protection Act. While an improvement, the Act stops short of restoring lost legal protections for all navigable waters. Make sure the call is heard that people across Canada want: no waters left behind



No Waters Left Behind

The federal Government has proposed a fix to the Navigation Protection Act in Bill C-69 but comes short of restoring lost legal protections. By defending your right to navigate Canadian waters, you help protect the flow of waters.  

Write a letter to your local papers to show that people in your community want the environmental, social, and cultural value of ALL navigable waters protected! Make sure your home waters, lakes, and rivers aren’t left behind.

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10 Essential Messages for Communicating about Drought

Drought_Message_guide_CFA.pngAs a summer heat wave descends on areas of British Columbia, freshwater stewards, advocates and organizations have an opportunity to rev up the public conversation around drought, water scarcity and how we can do a better job of protecting the water we have in an era of climate change. 

We've created a guide with 10 Essential Messages about Drought to help you do just that. With a BC-focus on drought, the guide offers Problem, Solution and Outcome messages that when combined, create a compelling narrative for your use in media communications, community engagement and government relations. 

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Thinking Global Acting Local - Canada and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On Tuesday, Canada reported back to the United Nations (UN) on progress for putting the SDGs into practice. Natalija Fisher was there last week to engage on topics of water, youth, and transboundary cooperation.

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Summer Students Get Their Feet Wet!

The Freshwater Alliance team is incredibly lucky to be infused with the vitality, passion, and creativity of four young water advocates this summer! We are excited to introduce to you Teghan, Josh M., Jillian and Josh S. who will be joining us for the next months! 


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The Canadian Navigable Waters Act flows through parliament


The Canadian Freshwater Alliance has been busy tracking Bill C-69 through parliament. Together with you, we proposed amendments that would strengthen the protection of navigable waters in Canada. Today, Bill C-69 - which includes the Canadian Navigable Waters Act, passed third reading in the House of Commons. The legislation still needs to pass the Senate before the law can take force.

Significant effort was made to strike a balance that would restore and modernize the Act. The Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development worked until midnight on the final day of clause-by-clause to vote through amendments in late May. Unfortunately, many amendments not accepted by the committee could have strengthened the Act considerably.

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Water Rangers Does Citizen Science


The world of citizen science is exploding.

Increasingly, governments, non-profit organizations, and research institutions are realizing the potential of citizens to help close data gaps when it comes to measuring and monitoring environmental health and change.

As more and more community members take up the task of citizen science, there are many challenges. Questions like:

  • How can we store data?
  • How can we share data and ensure its accessible and utilized?
  • How can we ensure data are robust?   
  • How can we ensure the instruments we use to measure parameters are both accessible and of good quality?

Water Rangers has been working to address some of these questions.

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