Act Now: No Waters Left Behind

In 2012, changes to federal laws protecting navigable waters stripped oversight for developments on 99% of lakes and rivers. In February 2018, Bill C-69 proposed changes to the Navigation Protection Act. While an improvement, the Act stops short of restoring lost legal protections for all navigable waters. Make sure the call is heard that people across Canada want: no waters left behind



No Waters Left Behind

The federal Government has proposed a fix to the Navigation Protection Act in Bill C-69 but comes short of restoring lost legal protections. By defending your right to navigate Canadian waters, you help protect the flow of waters.  

Write a letter to your local papers to show that people in your community want the environmental, social, and cultural value of ALL navigable waters protected! Make sure your home waters, lakes, and rivers aren’t left behind.

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Beating Facebook Algorithms


We’ve all heard about how Facebook has changed its algorithms, making it more difficult for groups like us to have our posts read and seen. Well last week at the Non-Profit Technology conference, I was intent on exploring what the experts are doing to overcome this challenged. My first session, on day 1 of the gathering gave me the tips and tools you need to succeed with Facebook engagement. And now, I’m excited to share these with you.

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Recommendations to parliamentary committee reviewing Bill C-69

Bill C-69 is being pushed through parliamentary Committee hearings at an unprecedented rate. We are worried that parts of this Bill, and especially those related to Navigable Waters, will go without adequate review and improvement. That is why we are calling on the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development to allocate time for each proposed Act within Bill C-69.

On April 6th, the Canadian Freshwater Alliance provided a written submission to the Committee focussing on amendments to strengthen the proposed Canadian Navigable Waters Act.

See the full Canadian Freshwater Alliance submission here.


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Luvvie on Storytelling

At the Freshwater Alliance we’ve been talking about telling good stories since our inception. We have also witnessed (and continue to acknowledge) that we are uncomfortable putting ourselves as the focal point of these stories. This week, I have the great privilege to be at the Non-Profit Technology Conference in New Orleans (#18NTC), and will be attempting to blog throughout the conference so that all of you can be here with me -- or at least share in the tips, tools and tech that I’ll be picking up along the way!

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Citizen Scientists Find Phosphorous Hotspots around Manitoba

This case study is was originally published by the Lake Winnipeg Foundation


The Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network (LWCBMN) is a growing network of citizens, scientists and conservation professionals. Since 2016, LWCBM volunteers and staff have been collecting water samples across southern Manitoba using scientifically vetted protocols. Samples are then analyzed in a lab to measure phosphorus concentration and determine the amount of phosphorus being exported off our landscapes.

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The Freshwater Community Speaks: Reporting Back on CFA's Survey

Earlier this year, we asked our freshwater community to fill out a survey so we could learn more about you, what you’re doing, and what kinds of supports will best help you to meet your goals.

We thought we’d report the results of that survey so you too can learn about your freshwater peers and so we can publicly respond to your feedback.

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