7 Ways to Honour a Long Tradition of Stewardship

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, we wanted to acknowledge a long and living tradition of First Nations stewardship and leadership for waters, land, and all living beings.

Here are 7 ways to honour a long, long tradition of water stewardship, any day of the year.*

*There are many more ways to honour Indigenous leadership and stewardship. We encourage you to add to this list or make suggestions in the comments below. 


1. Identify the Indigenous territory you're in 

2. Protecting Water Our Way & Yinka Dene ‘Uza’hné Surface Water Management Policy

3. Stand for Water & Indigenous Guardians 

5. Events Celebrating Indigenous Culture across Canada

6. Report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples & Free, Prior and Information Consent



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