About GLBN


The Great Lakes Business Network is a network of Canadian and US business leaders committed to protecting the Great Lakes region from threats to the natural environment. They strive to be the leading business voice for protecting the health and vitality of the Great Lakes and the economy, businesses and communities that depend upon them. They are fact-based, non-partisan, and focus on pragmatic advocacy to help set the Great Lakes agenda. Currently, focus issues on this agenda include:

Harmful Algal Blooms: The Great Lakes Business Network is currently working for/towards a regional commitment and coordinated actions to restore Lake Erie and prevent harmful algal blooms. We advocate for results-oriented actions that ensure progress towards the 40% nutrient reduction target and believe a joint statement across jurisdictions can generate momentum towards a clean Lake Erie.

Clean Energy: The Great Lakes Business Network will work to help advance a clean energy economy in the Great Lakes region that avoids major disruptions to energy use, is equitable and fair to all users, and has long-term benefits to the local communities.

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