Antler River Race FAQs

Q: Why is the name Antler River used instead of the Thames River?

A: The river that flows through London Ontario and surrounding communities is currently commonly referred to as the Thames River, however this name was only adopted in 1793 by British colonists. The river, being over 15,000 years old, has a much longer history under other names by the local First Nations people. The Deshkan Ziibi (pronounced Dash-kun-zee-bee) is the traditional name of the river in Anishnaabemowin, the Ojibwe language spoken by the local Anishnaabe peoples that have lived beside the river for generations. Translated into English, Deshkan Ziibi means ‘Antler River’. For the multiple First Nations groups the Antler River is not merely a source of water, nor a historical source of travel- it’s a spiritual center of life and culture that continues into the present. This important Indigenous connection to the river embodies what we are trying to create with the Incredible Antler River Race- a sense of community, responsibility and an eye-opening realization of how important the local river is to everyone's daily lives.


Q: Where does The Incredible Antler River Race take place?

A: Anywhere along the Antler River throughout London and neighbouring communities. You can pick where you'd like along the river that you can safely access. Our list of recommended parks and areas are clearly laid out with addresses to each in the maps section. Please look in the sidebar of the main page for the Incredible Antler River Race to find the maps page.


Q: Do I need to enter the water to take part in the Incredible Antler River Race?

A: No, there is no need to leave land for any of the challenges provided during this event. Late September is getting a little nippy and we want people to stay healthy, and safe for this event. You are in no way required to get wet if you do not desire to.


Q: Do I need to use data on my phone throughout the event?

A: You don’t have to however we recommend it. We will have a downloadable PDF version of the Incredible Antler River Race available. You will also want to take photos and upload those on social media to enter for prize draws.


Q: Where and how do I upload my photo entries for the challenges?

A: Through your preferred social media. Upload the image, tag us at one of our social media accounts @FreshwaterAlliance (Facebook), @freshwateralliance (Instagram), or @H2oAlliance (Twitter) and use the hashtag #AntlerRiverRace. Be sure your posts are public so we can track your challenges!

An example of a post could be:

“Completing challenge number 14 for the #AntlerRiverRace @FreshwaterAlliance”


Q: What are the prizes for the Incredible Antler River Race? How are the prizes distributed?

A: More details to come soon!


Q: Are children allowed to participate in The Incredible Antler River Race? 

A: Yes! Please include your children in the event. We only ask that at least one member of each team be above the age of 18 for safety reasons. Please note that you are responsible for all safety precautions needed for this event. Please check out our Health and Safety checklist HERE


Q. How large of a group is allowed for the event teams?

A: Anywhere from 1 to 10 people! You can compete by yourself or in a group as large as ten. No more than that please due to COVID measures.


Q: Are COVID-19 protection measures taking place for this event?

A: We have designed this event to keep people as dispersed and outside as much as possible. However, please see our Health and Safety checklist HERE that addresses things to keep in mind about COVID-19. Generally, wash your hands after touching any surfaces, wear masks in public places, and stay 6 ft or further from other people outside your group. Keep hand sanitizer with you throughout the event is advised.