BC Freshwater Opinion Polling

In the summer of 2018, British Columbians were asked their opinion on major freshwater issues like the potential for water crises, industrial water rates, and current water policies.

In the summer of 2018, British Columbians were asked about their opinions on the current state freshwater in British Columbia.  It explores how British Columbians feel about issues such as:

  • The potential water for a major water crisis in their community and other threats to local rivers and streams
  • The price industry should pay for water
  • Whether government policies and regulations are adequate to protect water 

This report is released on the heels of record-setting wildfires, drought and floods, new opinion data shows that more than half of British Columbians worry about the potential for a major water crisis in their community.

This survey was conducted in June 2018 by McAllister Opinion Research.

Read the report here.