BC Watersheds

Your first question might be: what is a watershed?

It's an area that channels surface water – in the form of rainfall and snowmelt – to creeks, streams and rivers, and eventually to outflow points such as reservoirs, bays and the ocean.

Watersheds sustain all life, when they are healthy and intact. Plants and animals live in the habitats they provide. They absorb and store excess water before slowly releasing it, reducing flooding in wet periods and sustaining flows during dry periods. Pollutants and nutrients are taken in and cycled through them, reducing water treatment costs. They provide water for agriculture and manufacturing, and opportunities for recreation. And the majority of British Columbians depend on their local watershed for clean, affordable and reliable drinking water.

Yet as vital as our watersheds are to British Columbians, they are under threat. Climate change, development pressures and competing water uses are undermining their resistance to change.

We want to stop this.

In British Columbia, our work takes place in four forms:

  • CodeBlue BC: we mobilize British Columbians to take action for their watersheds
  • Our Water BC: we lead a network of grassroots watershed initiatives working to defend their watersheds across the province
  • Watershed Security Coalition: we support government-led policy change
  • The Freshwater Stream: our podcast about B.C.'s watershed and the people who care about them

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