10th Anniversary Calendar Contest

The Canadian Freshwater Alliance is turning ten next year, and we need your help to celebrate!

Since 2012, the Canadian Freshwater Alliance has been taking action to defend and preserve freshwater across Canada. 

We've had some fantastic successes over the years: from our work in Lake Erie, including the Lake Erie Challenge and the Incredible Antler River Race, to our success in halting Bill 66 from putting Ontario waters at risk, to the BC government investing $27 million in their watersheds.

Counting the Calendar Years

We want to see and celebrate all the freshwater streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and wetlands we've been working so hard to defend for the past ten years. 

So we're inviting you to submit your best freshwater photos to us for our 10th Anniversary Calendar Photo Contest!

We're searching for photos that feature diverse places and people from across all of Canada.

Photo Selection

To select the photos that will be featured in the calendar, the Canadian Freshwater Alliance will choose the top three photos for each region. Those three photos will be voted on by the public, with the first-place photo in each category being featured in the calendar!

Each participant who submits at least one photo will also automatically be entered into our random prize draw. Three random winners will be drawn.

Those who are selected to be featured in the calendar will each win an exciting prize (to be announced!) and your own copy of the calendar. 

The contest is open from April 22nd to July 4th.

A panoramic view of the Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

A panoramic view of the Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

How to Enter

  1. Read the Contest Rules and Terms of Use.
  2. Upload your photos using this form by July 4th.

Contest Rules

  • By entering a photo (or photos), the entrant acknowledges that they agree to the contest rules and terms of use (below).
  • Each participant can submit up to ten photos, but will only receive one in the random prize draw.
  • The photo(s) must have been taken by the entrant and may not infringe any other individual's rights. If your photo includes other people, ask their permission before submitting the image to the contest.

Terms of Use

  • The entrant grants the Canadian Freshwater Alliance the perpetual right to publish the submitted photo(s), royalty-free, for any purpose.
  • Any use of the photo(s) will include the entrant's name and acknowledge the entrant as the creator of the image.
  • The entrant grants the Canadian Freshwater Alliance the right to edit the photo(s).

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out!