Case Studies

Our case studies offer an in-depth look into attempts by freshwater groups and advocates to implement best practices, highlighting lessons learned along the way.



Getting Off the Frack Track: How Anti-Fracking Campaigns Succeeded in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia 


Tags: Campaign, organizing, resource extraction, political influence, engagement, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia


Citizen Scientists Find Phosphorous Hotspots around Manitoba


Tags: Citizen science, watershed monitoring, phosphorous, algae, Manitoba


Does Organizing Make a Difference? The Campaign to Vote for Water in BC


Tags: Campaign, organizing, political influence, engagement, BC 


The Art of Reframing: The Social Life of Water exhibition


Tags: Engagement, public education, storytelling, creative methods, BC


Monitoring for Lake Health: A Case Study


Tags: Citizen science, watershed monitoring, engagement, BC


Farming on wet lands: One farmer's journey


Tags: Wetlands, flooding, restoration, agriculture, BC 


Of Aquifers and Uncertainty: Sustainable Water Use in Twin Lakes, BC


Tags: Groundwater, development, BC


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