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About our Coaching Program

Developing your theory of change and business model? Need a fresh communications strategy? Looking to launch a new public engagement campaign? Seeking to ramp up donations? Setting up a contacts management database?

The Freshwater Alliance provides one-on-one coaching support for freshwater groups seeking to take their organization, programs or campaigns to the next level.

Who do we work with?

We work with any organization that shares our interest in protecting fresh water, including freshwater organizations, watershed groups, First Nations, recreation-based groups (eg. fishing, kayaking, water sports clubs), regional and national organizations with a freshwater program, foundations that provide support to freshwater protection, municipalities and other public institutions.

What makes us different?

We are not consultants. We are mission-driven. As a non-profit initiative whose goal is the attainment of healthy waters across Canada, we know that if your group is meeting its potential, we are also getting closer to achieving our own goal.

In our own theory of change, we have identified the following as the desired impact of CFA Services:

We have provided tailored and focused support to a diverse group of water champions that are now connecting deep impact with sustainable business models and are inspiring broad communities of support to achieve healthy living waters.

From experience, we have learned that every organization is unique and has different needs, which is why we take the time to learn about those needs and tailor our services to meet them.

Our Coaching Services

We will work with your team to provide specific and tailored organizational assistance and professional development in the following areas:   


We apply a theory of change model to strategy and workplan development as we see more real-world application and uptake than traditional strategic planning processes. Building off best practices, we have created our own unique and comprehensive process for developing a high impact theory of change.

Common elements of our coaching program:

  • Develop your Theory of Change
  • Build a Robust Business Model
  • Create and Evaluate Impact Measures



It’s not always easy to take a step back and determine if you are reaching your intended audiences. We can provide an objective audit of your communications materials and help you develop a cutting-edge communications strategy. We also provide media and social media training to ensure the message you want to get out is the one being heard.

Common elements of our coaching program:

  • Identify Your Audiences
  • Conduct a Communications Audit
  • Develop a Communications Strategy
  • Engage Traditional Media
  • Amp Up your Social Media



We get really excited when we work one-on-one with groups on their public engagement strategies. Since our inception, we have prioritized this area of support and have created powerful tools and processes for fueling up your engagement efforts.

Common elements of our coaching program:

  • Power Mapping
  • Develop a Compelling Story
  • Implement a Dynamic Engagement Pyramid
  • Recruit & Retain Volunteers
  • Manage and Mobilize Your Constituents



Fundraising can be both a daunting and time-consuming process. With the right tools and approaches, your organization could be raising more money in less time. We specialize in working with organizations to create successful grassroots donors program. We can also boost your effectiveness in getting grants from foundations.

Common elements of our coaching program:

  • Develop your Fundraising Strategy & Package
  • Cultivate Grassroots & Sustaining Donors
  • Create Successful Grant Proposals


Don't see what you need? We may still be able to help. Contact us to find out how.


Not Sure if You Have Budget for Coaching?

Professional development and training budgets are a wonderful idea but we understand that it can be hard to find funding and carve out budget for engaging outside support. Contact us and we can explore options for finding the support you need to develop your organization’s capacities in the areas you want.

You may want to also check out our Community Contributions program for ways we may be able to directly support you!


Testimonials and Case Studies

  • "Following the workshop [with Tim and Lindsay], I immediately began to put into practice the techniques and theories I had learned and it has been amazing to see how my new approach is already starting to benefit my work."   ~Ashley Sprague, Ecology Action Centre


  • "I am so impressed with all the work you are doing at the Freshwater Alliance to connect water organizations across the country. Keep up the amazing work! I will never forget my time at the Blue Lake training or on countless calls and webinars hosted by you. You are truly helping the non-profit community grow and your trainings are extremely beneficial, especially to small organizations like ours. I know Joe is excited to be at the Living Waters Rally next Fall."  ~Rachel Schoeler, Fraser Riverkeeper


  • "Thanks again for a great session. Our staff continue to be impressed with your approach, skills and knowledge as a facilitator." ~Dean Sheppard, Reforest London


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