Coastal GasLink files 135 project notices under Canadian Navigable Waters Act

Since royal assent of the of the new Canadian Navigable Waters Acts last fall, the Freshwater Alliance has been tracking projects under the Act via their new public registry.

We noticed a spike in projects proposed under the Act over the past few months and wondered if it was a result of Covid and proposed infrastructure activities. Upon deeper review, of the 400 + projects proposed since May, over 1/4 of them are directly tied to the Coastal GasLink Pipeline and impact some 40 rivers, creeks and lakes across BC (see map below), some from numerous crossings and projects.

Notifications include bridge projects, water withdrawals, and a number of “no impact” notifications (which they’ve stated where they are using a technology that buries the pipeline under a river system so it’s deemed as a minor work and not requiring oversight under the legislation).  

With new regulations under the Canadian Navigable Waters Act, most of these projects fall under a category of “other works”. This means they are not considered minor or major under the Act. This category of works means that project intents are published and any party with concern is invited to submit comments within 30-days.  

These projects all have approximately 20-days remaining for public comment.  



Map of projects locations recently filed under the Canada Navigable Waters Act by Coastal GasLink.


Impacted waterways include:

Allin Creek

Hirsch Creek (5+ projects) Rocky Creek

Anzac River

Kitimat River (5+ projects +no interference statement)

Salmon River (+no interference statement)

Bluff Creek

Kluk Creek

Sheep Creek

Burnt River

Lamprey Creek

Stern Creek

Chist Creek

Merton Creek

Stuart River

Coldstream Creek

Morice River

Sukuna River

Cowie Creek

Murray River

Tacheeda Lake

Crooked River

Nechako River

Tatsutnai Creek

Davies Creek

Nine Mile Creek

Tchesinkut Creek

Endako River

Ormond Creek

Tchesinkut Lake

Francois Lake

Parrott Creek

West Creek

Gosnell Creek (5+ projects)

Parsnip River

Youngs Cree

Hambone Lake

Pine Creek


Highhat River

Redrocky Creek



If you are concerned, if you navigate on any of these rivers, or if you would like to make a statement, you can find out more here: Search “Coastal GasLink”.

If you don’t have the capacity to make a submission, do let us know and we will do what we can to make sure your concern is heard.