Community Contributions

The Freshwater Alliance recognizes that we all work in a resource constrained world. This is why we feel it is important to invest directly in building the capacity of the non-profit freshwater sector. This program is specifically designed to support innovative public engagement initiatives that build strong constituencies of support for healthy, thriving home waters and offer significant lessons and case studies for the non-profit freshwater community as a whole.

This program is intended to support organizations looking to push the boundaries on public engagement, build constituencies of support for water protection, and gain community investment in their efforts. The program is designed for broader sector learning so that we are all able to benefit from the testing of new, creative and innovative models. Projects eligible for our community contributions program must be or become a Partner of the Canadian Freshwater Alliance. We have three streams within our community contributions programs.


  • Training and mentorship contributions: support that is specifically designed for organizations that are participating in the Alliance’s intensive learning programs.


  • Communities in practice: this program is for those who want to test and create innovative public engagement models and tools for the sector to learn from.


  • Freshwater celebrations: building off successful crowd-sourced funding strategies this stream allows us to profile some of the leading edge engagement projects in the freshwater sector and will let our audiences determine which are the winners.


We are currently reviewing opportunities for this year, if you have a specific project you'd like to discuss, please contact us directly.  If you would like to donate to support our community contributions you do so directly here.

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