Ask the BC Government to develop Environmental Flow Need Regulations

When we take water from the environment, it affects water’s  flow, and the life that depends on it.

Diverting large volumes of water from the environment for agricultural, industrial and commercial use can place a lot of stress on our natural ecosystems, especially during periods of drought.

In order to ensure our waters are healthy and thriving we need strong Environmental Flow Need regulation. Environmental Flow Needs ensure there is enough water left in streams, rivers, lakes, creeks, and aquifers for  fish and other aquatic life.

The Water Sustainability Act introduced new legal mechanisms to create a stronger environmental  flow regime in BC. However, despite a commitment made in the BC government’s 2009 Living Water Smart, the Province has not delivered on its promise to regulate environmental flow needs.

We the undersigned, call upon the government of BC to commit to developing the next phases of the Water Sustainability Act, including strong and enforceable regulations to protect Environmental Flow Needs for people, fish and the environment.

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