Engagement Organizing

Engage community members. Build influence. Drive change. We can work with you to develop an engagement organizing program that works with your context.

Engagement organizing means building relationships with supporters and helping them to develop the skills to become leaders. With a base of people who are agents of change, we don't only increase our chances of winning in the short-term, we also increase the sustainability and vibrancy of our movements--increasing our chances of winning in the long term. Engagement organizing has been a key driver behind many successful campaigns. 

We can work with you to: 

  • Develop your theory of change
  • Find your people and bring them in
  • Develop data-informed campaigns
  • and more! 

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What people are saying about us: 

It was a big topic, broken down into a short and powerful webinar. The concept was very simple and straightforward, and the worksheet helped to walk us through our own project.  

~Jennifer West, Ecology Action Centre (2013)