Engaging the Persuadables Intro Series

We hope you'll enjoy and learn lots from our free training series, an Introduction to 'Engaging the Persuadables' for freshwater engagement

The first video in the series, an Introduction to Engagement Organizing, is hosted by our friends at the Sustainability Network. The rest of the videos are posted below! 


An Introduction to "Theory of Change" 

In this video, National Project Director of the Freshwater Alliance, Lindsay Telfer, walks through a quick snapshot of what it means to have a clear theory of change and how it is essential to start down the pathway towards successful engagement initiatives.


An Introduction to Engagement Planning

Lindsay guides viewers through the importance of planning for your engagement successes.  Introducing elements around audience identification, engagement pyramids and leadership development, this video provides cornerstone tools to build strong, sustainable and resilient engagement programs.  


An Introduction to Storytelling

In this video, Lindsay reviews the importance of storytelling in engagement initiatives.  Offering tools along the way, this session is a "must watch" if you are thinking of ways to improve your communications to drive supporters to take action!

An Introduction to Data-Driven Organizing

This session offers a quick overview of how you can get started in establishing your engagement baselines, setting your engagement goals and measuring your engagement success. 


Want to learn more about engagement organizing and step up your game? We offer a variety of training and coaching services that can help you to drive more impact in your freshwater work!