Ask the BC Government to charge a fair price for BC groundwater

After significant public pressure the BC government and Premier Christy Clark committed to reviewing water rates for bottled water companies by February 2017, but we have yet to see any action on this promise.

Under BC’s current pricing structure, commercial users like Nestlé pay a mere $2.25 for each million litres of water they take from the environment--and they’re allowed to withdrawal unlimited amounts and sell it for huge profit.

The current water pricing review does not take into consideration the pricing structure for all other industrial users, actively withdrawing BC’s ground water.

With watersheds in BC increasingly susceptible to drought and strained water supplies, we need to think carefully about how we value our water. It’s vital that we dedicate enough resources to supporting activities that keep our water healthy: activities like water monitoring, restoration and stewardship.

We the undersigned, call upon the government of British Columbia to charge a fair price for groundwater, supporting a watershed sustainability fund and commit to reviewing water rates.




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