Farewell to a Water Leader!

If you've ever attended one of our Living Waters Rallies, a webinar, a training, a network meeting, or any other in-person or online event over the past eight years, you've probably met Lindsay Telfer. 

And if you were lucky, maybe after one of those events you got to sit down and debrief it with Lindsay over a pint or a coffee. One thing's for sure, though: Lindsay is someone who you don't easily forget. Her dynamic personality and style—known for her incision, wit, extensive hat collection, big smile, and classic phrases like "I'm going to challenge you on that"—make her one-of-a-kind. 

So, it's no wonder that someone else wanted her. Lindsay was recently recruited to a new position with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, working to help municipalities build capacity to respond to climate change. Although we don't blame FCM for wanting Lindsay, her absence will definitely be felt by our small team at the Alliance, and will have resounding ripples throughout the freshwater community.

Lindsay has spent nearly ten years  building and leading the Freshwater Alliance, and she played a huge role in that there is a "freshwater community" to speak of at all! Ten years ago, there certainly was a number of freshwater organizations and defenders across the country; but due in large part to Lindsay and the work she did to create the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, those organizations and defenders are more connected, networked and working together than ever before. We are proud to work for the Freshwater Alliance, and we hope you are also proud to be part of the freshwater community. We all do important work, and we do it best when we work together. 

Although Lindsay will be missed, we know that we will never be truly rid of her: she is a lifelong freshwater lover and supporter, and we don't doubt that we will see her around in the years to come. So a tip of the hat and a raise of the glass to Lindsay! Thank you to all you've done to build, support and connect us.