Federal water policy

What happens in the halls of power in Ottawa affects the health and wellbeing of people and nature across this country.

This also extends to fresh water.

The laws that are on the books, how public dollars are spent, the programs that exist—these all have dramatic impacts how we manage ourselves to take care of water. 

Canada has a complicated political system, with multiple levels of government holding different responsibilities when it comes to fresh water. Although a lot of freshwater management is the responsibility of provincial and territorial governments, Canada still has an important role to play, especially when it comes to advancing reconciliation and taking leadership to coordinate, support and resource freshwater management. 

The Canadian Freshwater Alliance is one of just a few national-level freshwater non-profits, and the only one dedicated to building a movement of freshwater champions across the country to bring about policy change in support of healthy waters. We play a unique and important role in keeping an eye on federal freshwater happenings, ensuring we keep our supporters informed, and seizing opportunities to make positive change.