Final days to input on Fisheries Act changes

Fisheries and Oceans Canada want to hear from you. They are soliciting public comments through an online consultation forum -- but it’s only open until November 25th!

Let’s Talk Fish Habitat is an interactive forum where you can add your ideas, rate existing ideas AND contribute to discussions on how to best strengthen the Fisheries Act.

This is the easiest way to participate in the Fisheries Act review and could take as few as 5 mins to support some of the ideas the freshwater community has already submitted to the forum.  

BUT...the deadline for input is fast approaching. The forum closes this Friday, November 25th!
If you only can spare 5 mins:
  1. Go to the ideas forum today.

  2. Search what ideas our freshwater community experts have proposed in the forum. You can do this by searching “Linda Nowlan” with West Coast Environmental Law or “David Suzuki Foundation” in the forum directly.

  3. Support these submitted ideas (you will be asked to register but really it will only take 2 minutes), such as those on establishing a fish habitat “no-go” zone, establishing baseline environmental flow needs, and increasing shared decision-making with indigenous communities for fisheries co-management.

If you have more time and have specific input you want to make directly to the committee responsible for reviewing the Fisheries Act, direct submissions will be received until November 30th. West Coast Environmental Law’s “Scaling up the Fisheries Act” report is a great resource to guide your organization’s submission.

For more information on the review and consultation process, please visit the Fish Habitat Protection webpage.

Together, we can help ensure that this review leads to action to protect our waters and critical habitat protection for fish health across Canada.