Goodbye Coree!

We recently said goodbye to Coree Tull, our fearless and passionate National Organizing Director at the Canadian Freshwater Alliance. 

Coree joined the Canadian Freshwater Alliance nearly five years ago and quickly became a powerful force within the organization. 

She immediately proved she had an inherent knack for mobilizing people from coast to coast to defend our shared waters and led many of our programs and initiatives to success. 

So while we can't list all of her accomplishments, here are a few snapshots of her successes: 

  • As one of the strategic organizing minds behind our CodeBlue BC campaign, she helped amass over 24,000 followers and bring light to some of the key threats to watersheds in BC, along with concrete solutions. 
  • She brought innovative ideas for engagement to the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, including River IQ, an online quiz that engages and educates players in a fun and informative way!
  • As the co-lead of the Watershed Security Coalition, Coree helped secure $27 million in recovery funding for our watersheds, which created 60 projects and supported over 700 jobs in BC's watersheds. 
  • Her work in all these multifaceted ways to tackle watershed security was a key driver in getting watershed commitments into government mandates last fall and opened up an opportunity to drive change in how we manage and fund watershed work in this province.
  • She co-created the Canadian Coalition for Healthy Waters, which advocates for federal government leadership and policy to support the health of fresh water across Canada. 

And Coree's accomplishments go beyond her work for fresh water. She brought our team together with her infectious enthusiasm. She questioned us, making us more thoughtful in our work. Her sharp mind was ideal for strategizing with, and she often helped us come up with some of our best ideas. And she was the ultimate freshwater trivia night host. 

Coree will be dearly missed at the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, but at least we can be thankful that this is not a forever goodbye -- we will still be working closely with Coree on some of our BC initiatives as she moves into her new position as the Director of Government Relations and Engagement at the BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative!