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The role of the Freshwater Alliance in the Great Lakes region

To protect the lakes, rivers, and streams in the Great Lakes watershed we need communities across the region that are knowledgeable and passionate about their home waters, and are engaged in caring for them. At the Freshwater Alliance, we believe that the best way for us to help build and sustain engaged communities across the whole Great Lakes region is by supporting and strengthening the community engagement efforts of freshwater organizations and groups on the ground.

An engaged public builds power – power that can influence decisions that shape and impact our planet. We help the non-profit freshwater community in the Great Lakes region build better strategies for engaging people.

The Great Lakes' freshwater community

The Great Lakes basin covers a large area that includes eight states and two provinces. The Freshwater Alliance’s focus is primarily in Ontario, though we do have collaborative projects with organizations on the United States side of the Lakes, and are expanding our partnerships into Quebec.

Within Ontario, the Freshwater Alliance’s goal is to build collaborations, partnerships and networks with and between a broad range of water caretakers, from conservation groups to municipalities; recreational groups to First Nations communities; farmers to cottagers.

Our current projects

Lake Erie Alive

Engagement Organizing Trainings

Coaching Services




Thanks so much for all your organization is doing to educate and connect the water community - great job! ~Linda Heron, Ontario Rivers Network


I'm very, very glad the Freshwater Alliance is offering these workshops, and hope you will continue to do so in the future. ~Amber Cantell, Reforest London

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