Great Lakes

One out of every three Canadians relies on the Great Lakes for drinking water.

The Great Lakes — Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario — are one of the most extensive freshwater systems on Earth and play a vital role in the social and economic status of all of North America. 

Although they are part of a single system, each lake faces different external pressures. Issues with invasive species, climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction are rife. Lake Erie, the smallest of the lakes by volume, currently faces the most significant effects from urbanization, industrialization and agriculture, and is where we are focusing the majority of our efforts at this time.

Through a variety of grassroots campaigns and partnerships with local businesses and other water-defending organizations, we're addressing threats to the waters and ecosystems of the Great Lakes and working to protect this one-of-a-kind watershed. 


  • Great Lakes Business Network: we support a network of Canadian and US business leaders committed to protecting the Great Lakes region from threats to the natural environment
  • Lake Erie Alive: we unite communities to defend Lake Erie from toxic algae and other threats
  • Lake Erie Guardians: we lead a network of citizens, community groups, and businesses dedicated to protecting the Lake Erie watershed
  • Lake Erie Challenge: our annual 50km challenge that raises awareness and funds for Lake Erie
  • The Antler River Race: a family-oriented scavenger hunt that takes places on the shores of the Thames/Antler River

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