Green Infrastructure

We're working to advance green infrastructure in communities around the country. Find out why.

What happens on land has dramatic effects on freshwater quality and quantity. When naturally-occurring ecosystems are displaced or altered to grow cities, expand agriculture, or extract resources, the health of our lakes, rivers, streams and aquifers suffers.

Green, or natural, infrastructure is an important strategy to reverse those harms. Green infrastructure includes natural vegetated systems (like wetlands and forests or any system that includes trees, shrubs, grasses and soils) and built green technologies and systems (like green walls and roofs, permeable pavement, engineered wetlands, rain gardens, etc.).

These natural and enhanced systems absorb and purify water, as well as provide a host of other benefits such as increasing resilience to climate change, sequestering carbon, protecting biodiversity, improving community health and well-being, and more. 

That's why Green Infrastructure is a priority for the Canadian Freshwater Alliance. It is a win-win-win solution that not only supports freshwater health, but also makes our communities greener, cleaner and more livable.

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