Uniting communities to defend this great lake from toxic algae and other threats.

UPDATE: Join us for the LAKE ERIE CHALLENGE. On Aug 24th aqua-athletes are pushing their limits to defend our Great Lake Erie!

2019 is shaping up to be a bad year for toxic algae blooms on the lake. Tell the governments of Ontario and Canada: We need ACTION for Lake Erie now!

A treasure to all of us, Lake Erie is the heart of Southwest Ontario, providing drinking water, recreation, and spiritual nourishment to millions that live and visit here. It is a vital life source that supports diverse ecosystems and wildlife, and is a cornerstone of our economy - home to one of the largest freshwater fisheries in the world.

We need Lake Erie. But Lake Erie is threatened. 

Human impacts and climate change are putting pressure on our great Lake. Sewage spills, plastics pollution, harmful and toxic algae blooms have plagued Lake Erie and its river systems. 

Already, these issues have forced communities in the watershed to restrict access to drinking water and close beaches. Wlidlife and fish are suffering. The fishing and tourism industries are suffering.

Lake Erie faces many threats, but they are not insurmountable if we work together!

Lake Erie Alive is a collaborative of organizations and individuals working to defend Lake Erie from threats, and safeguard its health for current and future generations. 

Together, we are a force for change. We hope you'll join us too.