Lake Erie Challenge

On Sept 7th athletes reattempt grueling crossing to defend Lake Erie!



Help them raise funds to free Lake Erie from Microplastics, Sewage Pollution, and Toxic Algae Blooms!

UPDATE Sept 7th: Daniel Zin successfully completes a challenging 26.5 km swim in Lake Erie on Saturday, September 7th!

Originally scheduled for August 24th, high winds and waves made the original swim too dangerous to attempt, and forced Zin and his support team back to shore. A forecast for strong headwinds this Saturday threatened to thwart Zin’s second attempt. With the weather forecast in mind, Zin and his support crew adjusted their plans. Instead of an exposed crossing from the tip of Long Point to Port Dover, they chose a slightly more sheltered route, starting at Pottahawk Island. Dan swam across to Turkey Point, and then over to Port Dover. Zin also adjusted the swim’s timing, hoping to take advantage of calmer winds forecast overnight.

Zin began the swim just after midnight, at 12:41 am. He completed it 10 hours later, arriving to welcoming crowds on the beach at Port Dover at 10:41 am. The conditions were better during that window, but swimming through the night presented its own challenges. Says Zin, “I struggled to find rhythm and just felt tired, cold and drained from the beginning. Swimming in the dark meant I couldn’t see the waves coming in at me, and so when I went to breathe, I would inadvertently take in water.”

The #lakeeriechallenge is complete and we couldn’t be prouder of the athletes, support and community! We stand by our team like we stand by our lake! Together we can keep Lake Erie alive.

Show #teamswim some love today and help us in the final stretch towards our fundraising goal.


UPDATE: While conditions were unfortunately too rough for #TeamSwim, on August 24th #TeamSUP battled grueling wind and waves to protect Lake Erie. #TeamSwim will reattempt their leg of the challenge on Saturday September 7th! Please show your support for these amazing and generous individuals! Read recap of Aug 24th Challenge Day and see photos.


Two teams of dedicated athletes have been training for months in preparation for the #LakeErieChallenge, when they will swim and stand-up paddle board across the vast open water distance of 30 km from Long Point to Port Dover. Their goal is to raise awareness and funds to address these serious environmental threats to our Great Lake.

Your donation will go a long way in supporting the Lake Erie Guardians, a Canadian Freshwater Alliance initiative that supports local community members to defend Lake Erie from environmental threats, specifically harmful and nuisance algae blooms, but also microplastics and other pollutants.

Every dollar counts when it comes to shaping a Lake Erie that future generations can be proud of. Will you take on the challenge? Please support these dedicated athletes and Lake Erie defenders!

Last year, four swimmers participated in the 24-hour Swim for Erie at 10 points along Erie's shoreline. This year, athletes will tackle the Eastern end of the lake, moving to the Western end for 2020.

This ambitious crossing, undertaken by #TeamSwim and #TeamSUP from Long Point to Port Dover, will wrap up on the beach at Port Dover.

Ways to support the athletes and get involved: