Lake Erie Challenge

Lake Erie needs our help! Our athletes are going the distance to raise awareness. Take the plunge and support them in making a difference.

Join us on August 22nd as a community of athletes comes together to raise awareness and funds to help protect Lake Erie! Their journey will cover 50 km of Lake Erie via SUP, kayak and swimming.

We have three teams of athletes: #TeamSUP, #TeamSwim, and #TeamKayak! Each team will travel their share of the 50km stretch of Lake Erie coastline between the mouth of the Detroit River and Point Pelee: 

#TeamSUP will travel 20 km from the mouth of the Detroit River in Amherstburg to Colchester.


#TeamSwim will hustle 14km from Colchester to Kingsville.


#TeamKayak will paddle 20 km along the shore from Kingsville to Leamington.

The athletes have had to put in extra effort to train for this event. As COVID-19 shut down many pool facilities, water access, and gyms, everyone has had to improvise to ensure they will be ready to complete the challenge! With pools being closed, the swimmers waited until lakes were warm enough to train in. Even then, many public access points remained closed. Everyone has had to adjust their training schedules and incorporate/develop at-home workout routines to prepare their bodies for the challenge. Some members of #TeamSwim have chosen to split their portion of the race up, with two swimmers completing a 5km relay within the total 14km. They will swim their relay alongside team members attempting the entire distance. Our athletes are all very determined to compete for the cause, raise awareness about the challenges Lake Erie faces, and what's needed to protect it.

Lake Erie isn't only a great lake—it's a big lake. There are hundreds of thousands of people who live in the Lake Erie watershed, on the Canadian side alone. That means, in order to defend our lake from threats, it's going to take a village. It's going to take a lot of villages, actually. We need to involve as many people as possible in action to protect the lake.


Support Us

The Lake Erie Challenge isn’t just about raising awareness of what Lake Erie needs—it’s a celebration of what Lake Erie has! That includes vibrant shoreline communities that appreciate and love the lake for all of its natural splendor and beauty. 

Take the plunge and support our athletes in making a difference! A 50 km route is no small feat. Show your support for our amazing athletes who have been training hard during the pandemic! Please donate to the cause!

Help us ensure that local governments uphold their commitments to reduce toxic algal blooms; advance community-level best practices on pollution prevention; and deepen environmental stewardship across area businesses, municipalities and households… all while building a stronger, more unified freshwater community.




September 12, 2021 at 10am - 4pm


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