The Lake Erie Guardians will be taking action to help clean up Lake Erie this summer.

Thank you for your interest, but applications for the 2021 Lake Erie Guardian program are now closed. Those who applied to the program can expect to hear from us by April 23, 2021.

As a Lake Erie Guardian, you'll be in charge of testing the water at a lake, river, or stream in the Lake Erie watershed (it doesn't have to be Lake Erie itself). And don't worry - this program doesn't require you to have any experience with water testing or science whatsoever! We'll provide you with all necessary supplies, training, and support along the way.

In addition to monthly water monitoring, you'll also get to take part in activities like:

  • Shoreline clean-ups
  • Identifying and removing invasive species
  • Planting native trees and shrubs that we provide
  • Spreading wildflower seeds
  • Learning about local wildlife and their habitat via fun, socially distanced events
  • Helping with education and awareness building
  • And more!

Lake Erie Guardians is a free program for individuals, families, households and community groups to come together and help protect the Lake Erie watershed. 

Testing takes place on the last weekend of every month from April to October. Depending on where you decide to test, water testing should take no more than one hour per month. We have a feeling you'll want to spend more time by the water once you're there, however!

The 2021 Lake Erie Guardians program is a partnership between the Canadian Freshwater Alliance and Water Rangers

Participation in this specific program is limited, and unfortunately, not all applicants will be selected to participate. If we're unable to equip you with a testkit this time around, we encourage you to sign-up for our monthly Lake Erie newsletter, where we will share further opportunities for you to get involved.


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