Lake Erie Guardians

About the Guardians

The Lake Erie Guardians are a network of citizens, community groups, and businesses dedicated to protecting Lake Erie and its rivers and streams. 

The Guardians are ordinary citizens who are part of the majority that believes Lake Erie is beautiful, important, and needs to be protected. They work together to organize events and take action to educate the broader community on the issues facing the lake and to advocate for better policy and practices for Lake Erie stewardship.

We believe that the threats facing Lake Erie are too big for a single person or organization to tackle, but together, as a community of concerned citizens, we can make the changes necessary to keep Lake Erie alive.


Become a Guardian

From Great Lakes surfers, swimmers and cottagers, to students, business owners and everyone in between, our Guardians are a diverse group of people and each of them bring their own passions and skills to our movement. There is a place for anyone who is interested in the Guardian community and we cannot wait to welcome you! This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other people passionate about Lake Erie and who share the same interests as you while also helping to protect the lake we all love.


Why you should become a Guardian

We can accomplish more by working together. When you become a Guardian, you join a local community of concerned citizens. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the aquatic ecosystems in your local area and try new activities with our community partners (e.g. SUP, swimming, yoga etc.).  

However, the most important part is that you will be part of a community of Lake Erie protectors working to to defend Lake Erie for current and future generations.