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A 30km swim along Lake Erie is no joke—and nobody is more aware of this than the support team. The support team are the eyes and ears of the athlete out on the water: tracking their hydration and fatigue levels, keeping wary of boat traffic, and monitoring conditions. Josh Reid, an accomplished open water swimmer that has done multiple crossings and swam in the #SwimForErie last year, will be supporting athlete Daniel Zin and acting as Zin's coach in the 2019 edition of the challenge as a part of #TeamSwim.

Reid is the co-director of the South West Ontario Open Water Swim Series and the North Shore Challenge for Camp Trillium, coaching high school swimming as well. What better coach to have than one who's mastered open water swim distances of over 25km? Reid looks forward to being Dan’s coach and Swim Master this summer as they train in anticipation of the 30km trek.

Josh Reid—Decorated Open Water Swimmer and Swim Organizer

Reid began swimming at an early age, although not in the open water. After sticking to pools throughout his teenage years, it wasn’t until his 30s that he dove into the sport he now loves—open water swimming.

It took a brief stint as a triathlete to help Reid realize his affinity for the sport. After hearing that there were athletes who competed in the open water swim portion only, he dropped the biking and running aspects and the rest is history. Some of Reid’s most notable events include the 25km fundraiser swim in Lake Erie, the 19km Swim Around Charleston, and the 22km crossing from New Brunswick to PEI. In 2015, Reid was the 3039 men’s age group champion of the Global Swim Series. 

Last year’s #SwimForErie was an idea that began with Reid and is back by popular demand, renamed as the #LakeErieChallenge for 2019. He is excited about all that comes with swimming, both the positives and negatives. The camaraderie and friendships within the open water swim community are two of the reasons that Reid loves the sport. Thanks to the introduction of a team of Stand Up Paddleboarders (SUP) in this year’s challenge that will join him and Daniel on the 30km crossing from Long Point to Port Dover, the community just keeps on growing. The Lake Erie Challenge serves as an opportunity to help educate the communities living near Erie’s banks on environmental issues facing the lake. A father, Josh wants his kids to be able to enjoy the freshwater as much as he does, so this event is a chance to help ensure they will be able to.  

Support Josh and #TeamSwim!