Meet Jennifer Agnew


Meet Jennifer Agnew: another very accomplished swimmer joining the incredible team of swimmers! Jennifer started swimming at the age of 9 at the Windsor Aquatic Club. At 15, she added water polo to her experience in the water and continued both sports competitively through high school and university. However, 4 years ago Jennifer tried open-water swimming for the first time and discovered a love for the sport. She competed in her first race on her birthday and won! She loves the sport because every race is a new challenge but there is nothing more therapeutic than a good swim. Living on the coast of Lake Erie in the town of Harrow, Jennifer continues to swim and spend a lot of time in the water around her home.

In 2015, Jennifer continued to make waves in the open-water swimming world when she narrowly won the Global Swim Series, an international open-water swimming competition, in the Women’s non-wetsuit division. In fact, Jennifer has swum at many international venues including races in the USA and a challenging race in Cancun, Mexico. Nonetheless, one of her favourite swim events is the Annual North Shore Challenge at Turkey Point- right here on Lake Erie- which is hosted by Josh Reid, another swimmer in this 24hr challenge.

Besides swimming, Jennifer has a passion for protecting Lake Erie and has done work as a citizen scientist studying frogs in her local wetlands for the Essex Region Conservation Authority. She is concerned about protecting the water for many reasons not the least of which is her love for swimming. In the past, Jennifer has been unable to swim due to algae in the water. She would like to protect the water for herself, her family, and her favourite sport. Because of her passion for the lakes, she is excited that the swim challenge will give her a chance to advocate for more protection on Lake Erie.

Jennifer encourages anyone interested in open-water swimming to go out and give it a try! She recommends finding a race with a variety of distances and to choose a short distance. The race has the advantage of having kayakers and other safety procedures in place.