Meet Josh Reid


Meet Josh Reid, a dedicated open water swimmer and the force behind the #SwimForErie challenge. Josh began swimming at an early age, although not in open water. After sticking to pools throughout his teenage years, it wasn’t until his 30s that he dove into the sport he now loves - open water swimming.

It took a brief stint as a triathlete to help Josh realize his affinity for the sport. After hearing that there were athletes who competed in the open water swim portion only, he dropped the biking and running aspects and the rest is history. Josh now frequently swims races and in charity events. Some of his most notable events include the 25km fundraiser swim in Lake Erie, the 12.8km Swim for the Cure, and the 15km BIG Swim from New Brunswick to PEI. In 2015 he was also the 30-39 men’s age group champion of the Global Swim Series. He is currently  ranked in the top 10 for this seasons Men’s Overall Non-wetsuit category.

JoshReid1_-_for_profile.png#SwimForErie is especially exciting for Josh as the idea began with him! He is excited about all that comes with swimming, both the positives and negatives. The camaraderie and friendships within the open water swim community are two of the reasons that Josh loves the sport, and they will definitely be present at this event. Moreover, they will be greatly needed. There are 10 swim locations in 24 hours - it will be a tough feat to accomplish! This event also offers the opportunity to help educate others on the environmental issues facing Lake Erie. A father, Josh wants his kids to be able to enjoy the freshwater as much as he does, so this event is a chance to help ensure they will be able to.  

Each swim and location offers a unique set of challenges, and this event is no different. There are locations that, even as an experienced open water swimmer, Josh has not swam before. Some of the swims in these locations will even occur after dark. The challenge is definitely present, although he is confident that this group of swimmers can do it.