Meet the athletes

A 30 km crossing is no small feat. We have two teams of amazing athletes that will be repping for Lake Erie this year!

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This group is doing the Challenge the old school way: nothing but a body to traverse 30 km of Lake Erie water. It is going to be quite a daunting challenge for Daniel Zin, and will take him anywhere from 9 to 12 hours to complete the swim! No sharks, thankfully, but the journey will still be fraught with challenges, from water temperatures and wave conditions, to the mental challenge of swimming continuously for so many hours. This crossing will be three times the length of his longest swim to date!

Accompanying Daniel on this epic adventure will be coach and pace swimmer Josh Reid, pace swimmer and first aid support Scot Brockbank, support kayaker Rob Smith and safety boat captain Curtis Cushing.

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What's up, #TeamSUP?! These three athletes don't only have tremendous balance—they've got stamina too! Which they'll need when they paddle 30km from Long Point to Port Dover.

Combining the best of surfing and paddling, stand-up paddle boarding involves using a paddle to steer and propel through the water. Balancing on the board for hours on waving waters takes a whole lot of core strength, and that is not even mentioning the continuous paddling! TeamSUP has been doing core, shoulder strength and endurance training rigorously in preparation.

Led by paddle boarder Tyler Backus, show your support for the exciting sport of stand-up paddle boarding and his co-paddle boarders Josh Austin and Jonah Logan! Donate today!