Take the Pledge

Freshwater is our most precious natural asset, flowing through all living things and essential to our survival. Lake Erie nourishes the land and our crops; it sustains our communities and livelihoods. Lake Erie is home to abundant fish populations; its shores shelter millions of migratory birds. Lake Erie maintains our health and wellbeing.

No matter the state of the economy or the laws of the day, we will always need clean fresh water. For thousands of years, First Nations have been stewards of our home waters. As long as we continue to take care of Lake Erie, together we will prosper, and our children will always have a place to cherish and call home.

Today, Lake Erie is under threat from algae-causing pollution that can make its waters too toxic to drink or swim in. The algae jeopardizes our health, our communities, and our economy.

We the people that live, work and play here, and love Lake Erie, want to ensure that Lake Erie is safe and thriving for all of us, and for future generations. We acknowledge a shared responsibility to preserve the diversity of life, the quality of our water and the wellbeing of our communities within the Lake Erie region. We have a responsibility to be good stewards of our land and of our waters.

To ensure that our Lake Erie waters are protected and cared for, I PLEDGE to:

  • JOIN a community who Loves Lake Erie;
  • SUPPORT solutions that will lead to the elimination of the toxic algae that threatens Lake Erie’s health and vitality; and
  • INVITE others to join with me as we celebrate all that Lake Erie has given to support the health, vitality and wealth of our communities.