Who We Are

Lake Erie Alive is an initiative of the Canadian Freshwater Alliance.  We proudly partner with Environmental Defence and Freshwater Future. We believe that the plight of the Lake is not attracting the degree of public attention necessary to ensure the elimination of the threat of toxic algae in the Lake. 

It is our goal to build the Lake Erie Alive initiative beyond the scope of any single organization. We hope that you, as a Lake Erie supporter, will join with us as we build a community of supporters (organizations, community groups, businesses, residents, etc.) working together to realize a future where Lake Erie is alive and thriving!


About the CANADIAN FRESHWATER ALLIANCE: The Canadian Freshwater Alliance builds, connects and supports freshwater initiatives across Canada. We work with NGOs, community groups, governments and businesses to strengthen citizen voices and participation in protecting our lakes and rivers. We are a project on the Tides Canada shared platform