Rose Sirois


Age: 58

Hometown: London, ON

Paddle Distance: 20KM

Rose Sirois is relatively new to the distance paddling scene. Having completed some portaging trips with her partner, she hasn’t really completed a competition of this nature. Rose is in it to challenge herself. 

Rose hopes that this event will reinforce a connection between humans and nature and raise awareness of environmental pressures in Lake Erie. 

The Canadian Freshwater Alliance chatted with Rose to talk about her upcoming swim, her training regimen and her connection to freshwater and the lake. 


CFA: What are you hoping that this challenge will bring about in terms of change and awareness for the issues Lake Erie is facing?

RS: I hope the challenge helps reinforce a connection between humans and nature - - and creates enough of a media hook to get the word out on the environmental pressures on Lake Erie. 


CFA: Can you tell us about your first memories of Lake Erie? How often do you spend time on the Lake?


RS: I came on a visit to London from BC where I was used to seeing the might and expanse of the Pacific Ocean.  I was taken to see Lake Erie and was struck by its size and how it held a similar power to the ocean.  It truly is a majestic inland sea. 


CFA: What do you love about Lake Erie? 

RS: Its moods: from calm wading pool to boiling, wave-filled maelstrom; its life-giving properties, and the fish that come from it!


CFA: What appeals to you about long distance challenges like this? What goes through your mind as your swimming/paddling for that long?  

RS: Each long distance paddle is a voyage of discovery - you deepen your self-knowledge and have enough time to slow down mentally and really SEE and BE in nature.


CFA:  What does your training regimen for this kind of crossing look like? Are there any other sports or workout routines that you incorporate into training?

RS: A variety of different trips in a variety of crafts in a variety of places.



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