LWR16 Agenda

 "The Living Waters Rally is a great place to draw together expertise."
Julie Asterisk, Keepers of the Water




Agenda Highlights

Tuesday September 27th

  • Opening reception at the Musqueam Cultural Centre
  • Water ceremony led by "water walker" Josephine Mandamin
  • Evening program featuring Karen Bakker and Josephine Mandamin

Wednesday September 28th

  • Priority setting for Canada's freshwater movement. 
  • Strategic discussions around key challenges and opportunities facing our movement, including: Addressing drinking water challenges in First Nations communities; Responding to the UN Sustainable Development goals; Efforts to pool our water knowledge; and Amplifying efforts in climate adaptation and stormwater management.
  • Building the Living Waters Rally 2016 declaration!

Thursday September 29th

  • The first-ever Living Waters Challenge
  • Regional caucus time
  • Keynote by Caleb Behn
  • Concurrent sessions, including: Unlikely Partnerships; Organizing for a Future of Water Wins; A Renaissance in Aquatic Restoration; Nation to Nation Collaboration on Freshwater

Friday September 30th

  • Capacity-building sessions, including: Using social media to reach broader audience for your data; organizational development; How to create dynamic maps that tell the story of our watersheds
  • Living Waters Challenge pitch-off
  • Keynote by Bob Sanford
  • Watersheds 2016 Field Trips ($10 fee for Rally participants not registered for Watersheds)
  • Watersheds 2016 Opening Keynote 

And...so much more!

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