Why Rally?

Find out why these LWR16 delegates are so excited for Living Waters Rally 2016:

Ayla Bennett, Elk River Alliance: "I am so excited to gather at LWR16 to celebrate water and community! I am especially looking forward to making connections with other water groups, learning about their successes and challenges (in particular different uses of citizen science data) as well as building our capacity as an organization through gaining new skills."

Dana McDonald, Evergreen: “LWR16 will be my second Rally and I’m hooked. In my role in the non-profit sector, I’m often straddling the line between on-the-ground work and government and understand the practical challenges of true collaboration. Meetings like the Living Waters Rally are essential to maintaining connections between key members of the freshwater community and advancing the ideas that will shape the future of Canada’s freshwater.”

Julie Asterisk, Keepers of the Water: "As Keepers of the Water works with local First Nations to evaluate cumulative contamination, we are devoted to networking, learning about new tools, and exploring all avenues to utilize Traditional Knowledge and western science. Citizen science is at its best when it serves the community by elaborating and investigating community concerns, and the Living Waters Rally is a great place to draw together expertise."

Barbara King, Watersheds Canada: “We can’t wait to come to Vancouver to learn about what other groups are doing across Canada to protect our fresh water. We hope to connect with some of these groups in a meaningful way to share information, resources and build our networks working towards healthy waters across Canada.”

mi Donelle, Shediac Bay Watershed Association: “Je suis content de pouvoir participer au rassemblement pour des eaux vivantes de l’alliance d’eau douce à Vancouver cette année. Ces rassemblements permettent de s’inspirer de tout le travail qui s’accomplit au travers le pays pour améliorer la santé de nos cours d’eau. Je reviens toujours de ces rassemblements avec beaucoup de nouvelles idées pour des projets dans notre bassin versant.”

Theresa Johnston, Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance: "By sharing the Atlantic Canadian Culvert Assessment Toolkit at the Living Waters Rally, I hope to do my part in improving watershed health throughout the nation by sharing aquatic connectivity assessment and restoration procedures so that others may replicate the project. I look forward to collaborating with other watershed groups and am open to any suggestions or techniques that will help us reach the ultimate goal: proper fish passage through all culverts located on fish bearing streams throughout Canada!"

Anastasia Lintner: "I'm looking forward to #LWR16 as an opportunity to connect in person with other water warriors from across Canada. Each Rally has inspired and rejuvenated me! The face-to-face time allows us all to find ways to enhance our collective work by learning about what's going on, hearing stories about successes (and challenges), training up with new tools, deepening existing relationships, and meeting new potential partners. I'm particularly looking forward to building on the strategic direction developed in 2014. Hope to see you there!!"

Jack Minard, Comox Valley Conservation Strategy Community Partnership: "I love talking about what we created and through the Strategy what we are accomplishing. I am very fond of the Freshwater Alliance and all they are doing and am very interested in sharing our story with others at this year's Rally."


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