Making Freshwater a Municipal Issue


Join us on Wed. Sept 19th for a webinar on how we can seize the opportunity of the upcoming municipal elections in BC, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Ontario, PEI and the Yukon to put freshwater on the municipal agenda. 

We will discuss what municipalities can do and share resources that can help make freshwater health an issue that local decision-makers take seriously. 

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September 19, 2018 at 11am - 12pm
Christine Mettler ·
Gonzalo Agrimbau Kelly Schnare Laura Briggs Kirsten Kurjata Sarah Emons Becky Bassick Jessy Rajan Marion Mellou Michael Nelson Nicole Wilson Jim Clarricoates Julie Pisani Heather Keczan Gary Beattie Ingrid Vaivads Rachael Bell-Irving Emma Bocking Lino Grima Arlene Slocombe Devin Iuliano Terry Rees Leslie Payne Sonya Jenssen elizabeth lee tony brumell Lauren Rae Bruce Gibbons Bruce Tassell Sheena Briggs Genevieve Layton-Cartier Jennifer West Linda Safford April Weppler Kathryn Lindsay Marlo Campbell Vanessa Scott reggie tika Ken Nentwig Ian Stephen Raj Gill Glen Koroluk Kaleigh Holder Douglas Vallery Danielle Johnston Clara Blakelock Fiona McMurran Thea Rodgers Lindsay Telfer

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