We've arranged some maps for you to use throughout the day of the Incredible Antler River Race. 

The first is a Fish and Paddle guide that was put out by the City of London some time ago that has good information. It covers facilities, parking and more along the Thames/ Antler river. You can see the PDF of the guide: Here!

The Engage App is at 9 different parks throughout the City of London, Ontario. Here are the 9 parks and the best locations to park at along with their addresses.

1. Kains Woods Environmentally Significant Area: beside 1888 Riverbend Road and 1509 Shore Road, London, ON

2. Springbank Park: 1085 Commissioners Rd W, London, ON
Go through the main Springbank entrance gate and follow the road to the parking at the bottom of the hill, the experience is at the dam.

3. McKillop Park: Riverside Drive, London, ON

4. Greenway/Evergreen Park: (They technically merge together so we’ve listed both parks here. We are counting them as a single park.)
50 Greenside Ave, London, ON 
For the best way to reach the app spot: From Springbank Drive, turn North onto Greenside drive. Take the first right toward the soccer fields and park in the parking lot.

5. Ivey Park: King St., 1, London, ON
For the App: The one parking lot that you enter from King Street.

6. Chelsea Green Park: 1 Adelaide St N, London, ON
For the app: Parking off of Ada street will get you right to the spot.

7. Vauxhall Park: 54 Price St, London, ON 

8. Gibbons Park: 2A Grosvenor St., London, ON
For the app: Both parking lots will work as the app adventure is near the centre of the park.

9. North London Athletic Fields: 1225 Adelaide St N, London, ON
For the app adventure spot: From Adelaide Street, turn into the park area which is opposite Kipps Lane. Take the first right toward the volleyball courts. Drive all the way to the last parking lot on the right hand side and you will see the building you need to scan.


Or you can use the handy google map we created with all the parks throughout London that run alongside the Thames/Antler River. This allows you to easily find the closest park to your home as well as the parks we recommend.
Remember if there is a place you want to go to not listed here please do! These are just some suggestions.

London Parks Along Thames/Antler River Map