Meet Kelly, our Communications & Engagement Coordinator!

Kelly by the Detroit River

Kelly and the Detroit River

Growing up in the context of Southern Ontario urban sprawl meant daily life had three primary destinations: two of those were fast food places, and the other was the water. With no public transit in town and a driver's license still years in the future, I'd make the regular journey through the suburbs and down to the lake.

Looking out across Lake St. Clair, I'd see families of ducks bobbing along, patches of ice floating by, and water that seemed to stretch on forever. Each season by the lake was distinct and had its own character, but the feeling I had there was always similar. I felt like I was somehow a part of something bigger than me, that I was witnessing something meaningful, even if I couldn't fully articulate why.

I was starting to appreciate that nature is not just some far-off concept reserved for the lush forests or awe-inspiring mountains I'd see in magazines. Nature is there wherever you are: in ditches, cracks in the pavement, even the smelly fish flies coating the drive-throughs of all those fast food places.

Today, I'm extremely grateful for Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, Lake Erie, and the unending ways in which they shape and sustain my community. 


Each of us has a connection with water that was developed in our own way, through our own context. I'm looking forward to hearing your perspectives and learning your stories so that we can work together to ensure fresh water is respected the way it should be.


Below, Top to Bottom: Lake St. Clair, Detroit River, Lake Erie. Photos by Kelly Laforet

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