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Who is the Freshwater Community in BC, anyway?


Did you know that British Columbia is home to nearly 450 environmental groups and organizations, over half of which are working on fresh water protection? But who is BC’s freshwater community?

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Why Loving Water Means Speaking Out for BC’s new Water Sustainability Act

img_5168_0.jpgFew people in BC are as familiar and intimate with our local waters as British Columbia’s freshwater community. Yet as First Nations, paddlers, anglers, stewardship groups, and ENGOs, we do not often seem to have a say in how decisions are made about our favourite water bodies.

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BC, Mentorship Program, communications, public engagement

Introducing the Alliance’s Mentorship Program for BC's Freshwater Leaders! This one-of-a-kind six-month program is designed to amplify the impact of communications and public engagement efforts of grassroots groups and organizations working on freshwater issues in BC.

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Grassroots Power in British Columbia

img_4780.jpgWhat’s possible when we come together as a freshwater movement, united by a powerful desire to protect and love our home waters?

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