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What you had to say about navigable water protections

When it comes to protecting Canada’s rivers and lakes we are all in the same canoe. Together we have nominated over 200 unlisted waterways for protection, wrote to over 110 MPs, and requested meetings with elected representatives to ask that they restore protections for navigable waters. But there is more to do!

That is why, earlier this year, we reached out to our most active supporters to learn how you want to continue to engage and mobilize. And you responded with opinions, hopes, and priorities for the protection of navigable waters.  

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Picturing Environmental Law Reform

We have put together a few infographics to help you understand the impact of changes to navigable water protections over time.

Please share these with your family and friends and make sure that the damage to environmental laws is not forgotten, and that promises to restore environmental protections are kept. Help us track the conversation with the hashtag #getNPAright 



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Why are you a water guardian


This Earth Day, we’re thinking a lot about what our shared water means to us, and why we’re motivated to defend it.

We think sharing stories is great way to learn more about each other, to be inspired by and accountable to each other. That’s why we wanted to share our stories of why we’re water guardians, and hope you will too.


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Beating Facebook Algorithms


We’ve all heard about how Facebook has changed its algorithms, making it more difficult for groups like us to have our posts read and seen. Well last week at the Non-Profit Technology conference, I was intent on exploring what the experts are doing to overcome this challenged. My first session, on day 1 of the gathering gave me the tips and tools you need to succeed with Facebook engagement. And now, I’m excited to share these with you.

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Recommendations to parliamentary committee reviewing Bill C-69

Bill C-69 is being pushed through parliamentary Committee hearings at an unprecedented rate. We are worried that parts of this Bill, and especially those related to Navigable Waters, will go without adequate review and improvement. That is why we are calling on the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development to allocate time for each proposed Act within Bill C-69.

On April 6th, the Canadian Freshwater Alliance provided a written submission to the Committee focussing on amendments to strengthen the proposed Canadian Navigable Waters Act.

See the full Canadian Freshwater Alliance submission here.


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