November 2021 Newsletter

If you've tuned into the news recently, you've probably heard of the atmospheric river of rain that resulted in massive floods and landslides in southwestern BC. Rivers burst their banks, roads and highways were washed out and entire communities were evacuated.

Although we're not out of the thick of it yet, people are already beginning to ask -- how did this happen? While that question will have a deep and complex answer, we cannot deny that unsustainable practices in our watersheds are acerbating the effects of these catastrophic events.

So as the photographs and stories continue to pour in, our hearts go out to each and every single person who has been affected by this disaster and our commitment to freshwater health and all the benefits that come along with it is more resolute than ever.

~Ashley, on behalf of the Freshwater Alliance Team
(Danielle, Melissa, Raj & Ashley)

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Actions, Announcements & Events

Goodbye Coree!

Coree Tull, our National Organizing Director, has accepted a new position as the Director of Government Relations and Engagement at the BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative. Please join us in celebrating her many accomplishments at the Canadian Freshwater Alliance and celebrating her new role!

Areas hard hit by BC drought now the target of bottled water corporations

“Water bottling really highlights how our watersheds are being mismanaged in BC."

Applications for BC water bottling permits are on the rise — including in the very areas hardest hit by this summer's drought. The spike has many asking: who should profit off the province's imperilled freshwater resources?

Check out The Narwhal's latest article on water bottling (featuring our own Danielle Paydli!) and then add your voice to our call to ban bulk bottling and export in BC.

Webinar: Transformative Considerations for Creating Reconciliatory Pathways
November 26 | 1-2pm ET

The Sustainability Network is hosting a webinar where you can learn more about Indigenous interests, participation, inclusivity, partnerships and how you can potentially make transformative changes within your organization.

The webinar will also provide space for learning how to create flexible and adaptable short and long-term goals through a co-design assessment process. Register.


BC Budget 2022 Recommendations are out

And your very own Canadian Freshwater Alliance received a personal shoutout in recommendation #54 of the report: Increase funding for watershed security to advance maintenance, conservation and protection of BC's watersheds.

“The Canadian Freshwater Alliance noted that water management needs to better incorporate local input, especially First Nations, who must have meaningful decision-making authority.”

Read the full report (we're mentioned on page 41).

Nature groups urge government to act now to stop and reverse nature loss by 2030

Two hundred of Canada’s leading nature organizations, including the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, are calling on the Prime Minister to ensure the federal government prioritizes the protection and recovery of nature during this session of Parliament, as promised during the recent federal election. Read more.

Freshwater Feature

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