Open Up To Nature

It's time we all let a little more nature into our lives. Join our journey to nature today.


Sewage overflowing into our water ways. Crowded public parks. Polluted waters and closed beaches. The unbearable heat of parking lots and concrete cities.

Is this the “normal” that we want to return to?

We have an opportunity to re-build our communities in a way that invites resilience and health.  That puts people to work making our places more liveable and healthy communities. We can go back to our old ways of doing things or, we can take this chance and open up to nature. 

Through a greater investment in natural spaces and nature-based solutions, let’s build a post-pandemic world in which the “new normal” means opening up to nature. 

The benefits of reintroducing nature are countless:

  • Stormwater ponds help absorb rainwater after intense spring storms.
  • Rain gardens filter pollutants and allow for groundwater aquifers to recharge.
  • Native trees and plants support native insects and animals and create natural areas rich in biodiversity.
  • Green roofs and walls reduce the intolerable heat effect of urban areas.
  • Nature-based solutions create communities that are economically and environmentally resilient. 
  • Nature has proven benefits on our physical and mental health.

Open Up 2 Nature invites individuals, organizations and our elected leaders to invite added green space, protected areas, and water health. 

Sign our Open2Nature Pledge and get started on your journey making room for nature in your home, community and across your region.