Organizing for stronger rules to ensure the health of freshwater in BC.

In order to ensure our waters are healthy and thriving for current and future generations, we need deeper and swifter action on the rules that impact the health of our freshwater.

Clean. Beautiful. Pristine. Abundant.

These are words British Columbians use to describe the rivers, streams and lakes that give life to our province. Water is at the heart of everything we love about living here: the great outdoors, delicious local and wild food, a thriving economy, places of connection and solitude, our powerful cultural heritage. But a few other words are missing from this list:

Overused. Polluted. Scarce. Threatened.

Drought, overuse, climate change, industrial impacts and other threats are jeopardizing BC’s freshwater and the communities that depend on it. We need to stand up for water, before it’s too late.

Our Water BC is a joint initiative of organizations and individuals working to make sure waters in BC are healthy and thriving for everyone who lives here. We work to ensure British Columbians have a say in how their water is cared for. We provide a voice to those who don’t have one, including iconic species like salmon. We help our political leaders understand that British Columbians see water as the province’s most precious natural resource and defending it is a public priority.

Join thousands of British Columbians who say water is worth standing up for.