Our Water BC

In order to ensure our waters are healthy and thriving for current and future generations, we need deeper and swifter action on the rules that impact the health of our freshwater.  

Our Water BC is a joint initiative of organizations, groups and individuals united in our efforts to leave a legacy for waters in British Columbia--our life source.

The Water Sustainability Act is an important tool to achieving our vision of healthy water for people and nature. We are committed to working with and holding the government of British Columbia accountable for the following actions while they develop and implement the next phases of regulations for the Water Sustainability Act.

  1. Adopt collaborative consent approaches and take concrete action to implement UNDRIP with regards to freshwater management, planning, and decision-making
  2. Implement watershed-focussed planning
  3. Develop and implement an environmental flows regulation
  4. Review and increase provincial water rentals and create a Water Sustainability Fund
  5. Develop a rigorous provincial strategy for water monitoring and data

Join us and together we can ensure the government of British Columbia defends our shared waters sign on your organizations here 


This provincial campaign is currently supported by the following organizations and groups.