Letter of Expectations for the Water Sustainability Act

A letter of expectations on actions the provincial government should take to protect freshwater in BC.

In November 2018, the BC Water Leaders Network—a collaborative of 12 provincial organizations consisting of water experts, practitioners, funders, and champions from First Nations, salmon, water, wildlife and community organizations—convened to recommend a number of actions that the provincial government should take to ensure freshwater in the province is protected. 

Read the letter that outlines the recommendation actions here


The BC Water Leaders Network consists of representatives from the following organizations: 

  • BC Wildlife Federation 
  • Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives
  • Canadian Freshwater Alliance
  • Center for Indigenous Environmental Resources
  • Environmental Law Center - University of Victoria 
  • First Nations Fisheries Council 
  • Living Lakes Canada
  • POLIS Project on Ecological Sustainability 
  • Simon Fraser University - Adaptation to Climate Change Team 
  • Watershed Watch Salmon Society
  • World Wildlife Fund Canada