The Water Sustainability Act is an important tool to achieving our vision of healthy water for people and nature.

We are committed to working with and holding the government of British Columbia accountable for the following actions while they develop and implement the next phases of regulations for the Water Sustainability Act:


  • Priority #1: Advance reconciliation with respect to freshwater planning and decision-making.

Adaptation to the Changing Climate

  • Priority #2: Place water at the center of a modernized strategic land use planning regime.
  • Priority #3: Build a B.C. Water and Climate Resiliency Strategy

Conservation and adequate Funding for Water Management and Monitoring

  • Priority #4: Provide adequate resources to implement the innovative legal, policy, and management tools needed to protect freshwater.
  • Priority #5: Develop a rigorous provincial strategy for water monitoring, data, and compliance and enforcement.

See our Letter of Expectations for more detail on these asks. 

Join us and together we can ensure the government of British Columbia protects our shared waters for current and future generations.