Support the Call to Stop Commercial Water Bottling in BC

Goal: 2,000 signatures


In September, municipalities, regional districts and First Nations throughout British Columbia will vote on an important resolution: asking the province to stop issuing water licenses to commercial water bottling operations in the province.

The vote will happen at the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention, held between Sept. 23-27 in Vancouver. Resolutions passed by UBCM members have a lot of influence in determining how the province conducts its business. 

After consecutive years of drought in BC, it's increasingly clear that we need to manage our water resources with caution and care. Prioritizing the use of water for people and nature—as opposed to for profit—is an important piece of this puzzle.  

The Merville Water Guardians, a grassroots community freshwater group on Vancouver Island, were instrumental in bringing this resolution about. In April, the resolution was passed by all 53 members of the Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities. Now it's up to the rest of BC. In order for the resolution to pass at UBCM, a majority of members (50%+1) need to vote in favour. 


The Resolution:

“WHEREAS water is an essential resource upon which all life, including all ecosystems and all local communities depend,

AND WHEREAS water is a public heritage and a public trust for present and future generations and access to water must not be compromised by commercial operations relating to commercial water bottling or commercial bulk water exports,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Premier of British Columbia and the Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development be requested to immediately cease the licensing and extraction of groundwater for commercial water bottling and/or bulk water exports from aquifers.”


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You can also sign up to volunteer to talk to your local officials about why they should vote in favour of this resolution. The more British Columbians who are engaged, the better the chance of the resolution passing.

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