Simply put, the Freshwater Alliance exists to help YOU broaden and deepen your freshwater constituency base!  Our trainings focus on the tips and tools you need to get more people supporting your important work!



Take Ian Stephen, for example.  He works tirelessly at the Waterwealth Project in Chilliwack BC to ingrain an ethic of water values into the decision-making of local residents and governments.  



Or Kirsten Earl-McCorrister, with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation in MB, who spends her days building engagement for a future when the Lake is finally free of the toxic algae blooms that have been plaguing its shores for years.  



Or Jocelyne Rankin with the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax Nova Scotia who has committed her days towards enacting a strategy that will see ALL Nova Scotia’s waters in good health.  


Our work at the Alliance isn’t done until all of your work is done!  These next few pages explore the services and programs that we have designed to ensure you get the support you need to win for water!

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