Ask the BC Government to protect water quality

If our water is not healthy, neither are we. Water quality in BC is at risk from pressures like resource extraction, heavy industry and rapid land-use change.  In recent years, we have seen many cases of BC water being contaminated: with mining waste, nitrogen, toxic algae blooms, and debris from forestry.

Currently, those who approve resource or other projects in BC do not have the necessary information to manage or consider the cumulative effects of the projects being approved, nor are decision makers legally required to consider how the specific projects will impact our water quality. 

BC’s Water Sustainability Act could change this. The Act allows for the creation of Water Objectives, which could allow communities to reject projects that would negatively impact water quality or quantity of ground or surface water.

We the undersigned, call upon the government of British Columbia to commit to developing enforceable water objectives under the Water Sustainability Act, protecting water quality and integrating land and water use activities.

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