Public views on water: Results of a recent opinion poll of B.C. residents

On Sept. 18 at 11 am PT, the Canadian Freshwater Alliance will share the results of a recent public opinion survey on attitudes towards water in British Columbia. The results will be presented in a one-hour webinar that includes time for questions from participants.

Conducted this summer by McAllister Opinion Research, this comprehensive survey explores how British Columbians feel about issues such as:

- The potential water for a major water crisis in their community and other threats to local rivers and streams

- The price industry should pay for the water it uses

- Whether government policies and regulations are adequate to protect water

- Who should have a role in decisions affecting freshwater in B.C.

Research findings will be presented by Angus McAllister, founder of McAllister Opinion Research, and followed by a short Q-and-A period. A recording of the webinar and overview of the findings will be available on the Canadian Freshwater Alliance website after the event.

This webinar is open to members of the media, government and the broader public.



September 18, 2018 at 11am - 12pm
Online Webinar Link E-mailed after RSVP
Coree Tull, organizing director at the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, ·
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